This is a blog about my experiences as mother to a special needs child who looks normal at first glance. Though this journey often feels very lonely, I know that is an illusion. So many will relate to what our family experiences. So many suffer much more than we do.

This blog is intended to share our family’s joys, frustrations, happy moments and sorrows with those who care and those who relate. 


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  1. Thankful for your sharing precious moments of your difficult journey out of ashes to beauty . May God continue to wrap your family in love’s embrace. as you glorify Him in suffering. Prayers will continue for Mercy. So glad that many of your hosts were well-trained in how to make your journey easier not more difficult. Blessings

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  2. Thank you for sharing your families journey. We are on the same journey as you. Our daughter is almost 12 with uncontrolled epilepsy. Praying for God’s blessing over you and your family.

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