Seizing Misfire

NEW BLOG! This entry was written by my niece, Rachel. It's her explanation of epilepsy. Click to read: "Seizing Misfire". (This is not my article, though I am printing it on my blog. I can't figure out how to remove my author's byline, but want Rachel L. to get the credit of authorship, as she deserves, even though it falsely says "by Jes".)


THE Miracle Kingdom (17)

“Every night I lie in bed The brightest colors fill my head A million dreams are keeping me awake I think of what the world could be A vision of the one I see A million dreams is all it’s gonna take A million dreams for the world we’re gonna make”  – “A Million Dreams” … Continue reading THE Miracle Kingdom (17)

The Night When Christmas Came Early (16)

"It is easy to...wring our hands and bemoan all of the bad things that happen in this world. It is much harder to...pick up the shovel and go to work. It is my experience that miracles are real and living things. They are built with sweat and toil and hard work from the foundation up … Continue reading The Night When Christmas Came Early (16)

Hail to the Anti-Bully

(This post is part of the Epilepsy Blog Relay™ which will run from March 1 to March 31, 2018. Follow along!) Enter the word "bullying" into an online thesaurus, and over 400 synonyms like "browbeating, domineering, persecuting, unmannerly" and - my favorite - "yobbish" arise. (Author's aside: Wouldn't it be better if we started calling … Continue reading Hail to the Anti-Bully

The Wish Day That Epilepsy Stole (15)

She had no memories of the horror that had been. Only of the pleasures that had not. Like a battered soldier who thanks God that his life is still in tact, but then shakily stands to take in the carnage of the bloody battlefield, Mercy surveyed the damage and wept. That is the backhanded slap of epilepsy: the soft blessing of release and protective amnesia super glued to the stinging pain of what has been lost on the field.

Epilepsy’s “New Normal”

"Do kids with epilepsy fight to perform normal childhood activities well? Absolutely. Does that make their experiences with them normal? No...Their childhoods are not normal: they are extraordinary."

A Magical Kingdom, Part 2 (14)

"Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy." -Placard at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World THE WORLD OF YESTERDAY We were four days into our daughter's Wish Trip and on our final day at a Disney Park. Up until this point, Pierson had been positively reluctant to meet any … Continue reading A Magical Kingdom, Part 2 (14)

Are Children with Epilepsy Healthy?

"The sad truth is that this type conversation for those within the epilepsy community is normative. People do not understand the risks, losses, and cost-versus-benefit weigh outs that occur on a daily basis for individuals battling epilepsy. They see seizures as an annoyance, not a life-altering - let alone life-threatening - disorder."

When Comparison Kills Compassion

"It's okay, Lloyd. None of our parents are perfect! I mean, my mom is weird and collects sea shells. Your dad levels cities and attacks innocent people. So, they've all got their quirks, you know?" - New Lego Ninjago Movie Trailer, Release date: Fall 2017. I took my kids to the theatre recently and this hysterical quote … Continue reading When Comparison Kills Compassion