Our Star Amongst Thousands (9)

"When you are told that your child is sick, shock is the first reaction...Next comes numbness. Right on top of that is anger and fear. One day, your biggest worry is the car payment, and the next day your child is fighting for her life. It is an awful, helpless feeling. The last year and … Continue reading Our Star Amongst Thousands (9)


Epcot, Take One (6)

"I see life differently from someone who has not seen life's dark side. Moments are precious, every moment, and because of what I have experienced, I know and appreciate this." - Henri Landwirth, Founder of GKTW Village On our way out of the Village that first morning, we stopped by the Gingerbread House to borrow children's videos for … Continue reading Epcot, Take One (6)

When Epilepsy Vacations with You (5)

"Crying is how your heart speaks, when your lips can't explain the pain you feel."

First Night on a Wish Vacation (4)

"To watch those you love in pain is unbearable...parents of suffering children prayed that God spare their children and give them the burden to carry instead. Please God...let it be me, not my children!" - Henri Landwirth, Gift of Life Loving parents of all children understand the heart expressed in this quote. Parents of ill … Continue reading First Night on a Wish Vacation (4)

Give Kids the World Village (3)

"There is a certain injustice when the innocent suffer, especially children, which touches something deep and profound in all of us. I have learned firsthand that many of life's most painful questions have no rational answers. It is impossible to rationalize why one child is afflicted with a life threatening disease and another is not. … Continue reading Give Kids the World Village (3)

Flying the Friendly Skies (2)

We'd left the house without the promised limousine service (see that story here), but what we got was even better. Our sweet, five year old nephew, who could have focused on being sad at not being a part of this fun trip to Disney World instead, was waiting excitedly on his front porch with small toys he'd pulled … Continue reading Flying the Friendly Skies (2)

Beginning of a Wish Journey (1)

  "A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep. In dreams, you will lose your heartache. Whatever you wish for, you keep... A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're feeling small. Alone in the night you whisper, thinking no one can hear you at all. You wake with … Continue reading Beginning of a Wish Journey (1)